Make the Right Choice for Your Tournament

A Uniquely Entertaining Experience

Each year golfers from Norwich and beyond put themselves to the test on our beautiful golf course. Bring your friends and colleagues to Canasawacta Country Club and experience it yourself. A golf tournament or group outing makes a wonderful escape from the drudge of the office. Whether to celebrate retirement or to raise funds for your organization, you can't beat a tournament at Canasawacta.

Always Fun Golf Outings

If you can decide on how to bring your group together for a good time, consider a golf outing at Canasawacta Country Club. The game of golf presents a wonderful way to please everyone who enjoys the beauty of the outdoors and the thrill of competition. Step onto our golf course and step into a fun and relaxing environment the whole family can enjoy. We'd love to cater to your group this year!

Your Tournament Belongs at Canasawacta

The great golf and good times your group will have at your golf event will make you want to return to Canasawacta Country Club each year. The affordable tournament packages make it easy to make it happen. Each year your friends and guests will look forward to your golf tournament. Make Canasawacta your choice for entertainment this year and we'll make it a grand success!